why did my text messages turn from blue to green

Why Did My Text Messages Turn Blue To Green?

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You may have observed that messages in the Messages app on your iPhone might be different colors. Mostly these colors are green or blue. You might have thought you have what the difference between these two colors is? Well, we will tell you about these colored messages or text backgrounds.

Why Did My Text Messages Turn Blue To Green?

The SMS text messages are transmitted using your cellular voice connection and do not utilize your data plan or the internet. SMS is used in some form by all mobile phones, including Android, iPhone, and others.

On the other hand, iPhones use iMessage, which was designed to exchange messages over the internet between Apple devices. You might observe that certain iPhone texts seem blue or green while texting your friends and family. In this article, you will figure out everything you want to know about why your iPhone is receiving green notifications and how to correct them if there’s an error.

What does the green text mean on Android?

When you send a text message to a friend, family member, or coworker on your iPhone, it may seem blue or green. The color represents the technique you chose and, in some instances, the type of device to which you are sending.

The blue bubble in which the talks are held is a visual representation of this. iMessages are also fully encrypted from beginning to end. However, if an Apple user sees their discussion in a green bubble, it signifies that the person on the other end of the line is most likely using an Android smartphone. 

A green bubble indicates that the communication is being treated as a text message or SMS. Therefore, people may not be discriminated against in the future merely because they generate a green text bubble on a gadget screen rather than a blue one. 

Is it possible that Apple may provide iMessage to Android users in the future? We’re not going to hold our breath.

Why do the different colors of text messages mean?

When your text message has a blue backdrop, it signifies that the communication was sent over iMessage and sent or received from another iOS device. On the other hand, the message you sent or received was transmitted by SMS through your cellular operator if the backdrop is green.

 It was also frequently transferred to a non-iOS phone, such as an Android or Windows phone. Blue communications use Apple’s proprietary iMessage format, whereas green messages are standard SMS text messages.

Moreover, the Green text messages can sometimes be sent or received from an iOS smartphone. For example, when one of the device’s iMessage is switched off, this happens.

Do blocked text turns green?

The iPhone and text messages with them have suddenly turned green. This is an indication that they have most likely blocked you. If the individual does not have cellular service or a data connection or iMessage is disabled, your iMessages will be delivered as SMS. You might also observe the same case.

How do I know my green text message was delivered?

The message is sent as an iMessage when the bubble is blue. It is sent as a standard SMS if it turns green. When a message is delivered or read, iMessages has a built-in delivery report that will tell you things like delivered or read.

How to enable the turned-off IMessages?

To ensure sure iMessage is switched on, you have to follow these steps. Open the Settings application. Then select the Messages options. Next, swipe the icon to the right to make sure iMessage is switched on.

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