Run APK Files On PC Without An Emulator

How To Run APK Files On PC Without An Emulator

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In today’s article, we will talk about how to run APK files on PC without an emulator and how quickly you can launch the APK files on your Windows PC. Yes! You have heard right. The whole process will be done without using any PC emulator.

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is a system that allows you to execute software from a different channel on your system. Emulators are most commonly used to play games and run other operating systems – for example, and you may install a Mac OS on a Windows machine.

For this, you will need ARC Welder, a Chrome plugin that lets you run Android apps straight from your browser using APK files, which is the easiest way to run Android apps on a PC. In addition, it allows you to use your navigator’s unified interface to run apps that are native to Google’s operating system.

Methods to run APK Files on PC without An Emulator

There are two different ways through which you can run APK Files on PC without An Emulator, and these are:

ARC Welder method

  1. Install the supported Chrome version first, then install the ARC WELDER extension.
  2. Go to the app download menu and select the app you want to download.
  3. Open the gadget and click it.
  4. Selecting a test or running option will assist you in determining the test technique.
  5. You may now use it in the same way as you would an emulator.

Remix operating method

To begin, go to the Remix OS webpage. There is a download option for the installation package. You have the option of downloading in a traditional way or via Torrent.

If you installed Remix OS on your hard disc, a notification would appear on your screen asking you to restart your machine when the installation is complete. Restart your computer to ensure that all of the modifications take effect.

After rebooting your computer, you may choose between Windows and Remix as your operating system. When Remix OS has fully loaded, you must configure all of the options, including language, Wi-Fi, and so on.

Finally, when you’ve finished adjusting the settings. You may use the Remix Operating System in the same way as you would a Windows PC.

Is the emulator safe to use?

Downloading and using Android emulators on your PC is entirely secure. However, you must be cautious about where you obtain the emulator. The emulator’s source determines the emulator’s safety.
You are entirely secure if you download the emulator from our website. Drop your desired emulator name in the search bar and download it.

How to run APK files on a PC?

Drop the APK you wish to install (whether it’s Google’s app bundle or something else) into your SDK directory’s tools folder. Then, while your AVD is running, type ADB installs filename (in that directory) at the command prompt. The app should be added to your virtual device’s app list.

How to open the APK files in the browser?

On your computer, launch Google Chrome.
For Chrome, look for the ARC Welder app extension.
Install the extension and then click the ‘Launch app’ button to get started.
Now you must obtain the APK file for the program you wish to use.
By choosing the ‘Choose’ option, you may add the downloaded APK file to the extension.

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