Mobile Legends Diamonds

How To Get Mobile Legends Diamonds For Free

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One reason diamonds are so precious is that they can be used as purchase tickets for heroes. This is the main reason why we have put up a Mobile Legends diamonds guide, outlining all of the several methods you may obtain the diamonds without spending a single amount.

You need to know how to get the MLBB diamonds for free, or you may say that Free diamonds ml 2021 is legit. But if you are a new player, it is imperative to know about the MLBB diamonds.  

What are Mobile Legends diamonds?

In Mobile Legends, diamonds are a type of money that may be used to unlock specific characters. As a result, as you would expect, they’re in great demand.

Battle points earned in-game, and tickets obtained during the jigsaw event may be used to unlock various heroes. You may also use diamonds to finish a transaction if you do not have enough tokens.

How to buy the ML diamonds through the load?

Select the number you are interested in buying. Then, choose your chosen mobile service provider.
When you’re ready, review your purchase and click the “Buy Now” button. Then, enter your cell phone, and a 6-digit code will be sent to you by SMS to confirm your purchase.

Is it worthwhile to buy Mobile Legends diamonds?

Without a doubt, no. However, the diamonds themselves are not particularly expensive; the expense of obtaining a higher-quality skin in the game is especially the collector and legendary skins, which are only available for a limited period.
We recommend you always go for the option of the free Diamond because it is more feasible and affordable than buying the diamonds.

How to get diamonds in mobile legends for free in 2021?

While there are several Mobile Legends diamonds options available, we do not advocate using them. Diamonds are difficult to come by in Mobile Legends because they are such desirable money. However, there are a few options.

Through live stream

The first step to obtaining the Diamond is to do live broadcasting. The Mobile Legends games have a Live Streaming function, allowing you to watch other players’ gameplay in real-time. You may donate the Diamond immediately while watching the live webcast.

How do you enable live streaming in Mobile Legends?

Start playing Mobile Legends. Below the Starlight section, on the left, tap LIVE. To begin live streaming, toggle the ON button in the Live Stream area.

  • Follow the Tournament 

Following the tournament is the second option to acquire the Diamond for free. Moonton, the game’s developer, is now hosting a competition that you and your team squad may participate in.

  • Game portal’s giveaway

Several gaming news sources are willing to provide you free gems in Mobile Legends. Esportsku is one of them, and you should go there to use it.

The MLBB giveaways are a fantastic method to get free cosmetics and skins. In addition, random giveaways are held in Mobile Legends to give you the chance to win diamonds and other amazing in-game stuff.

  • Through application

The next option is to obtain a free Diamond in Mobile Legends is to use some of the applications that allow you to make money or receive free gems.

  • Official giveaway for Mobile Legends

You may participate in the official Mobile Legends social media giveaway. The giveaway is an effective way to boost the game’s brand, also known as brand activation. The game developer will usually activate the brand by building and enhancing it.

  • Lucky spin

In the Draw area of the shop, you may also win diamonds by playing the Lucky Spin. You may win skins and Lucky Gem pieces from the Lucky Spin, which can be used to redeem a skin or a hero. In addition, it can help you save diamonds for in-game purchases.

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