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September 1, 2022

Description of Hayya Card App

Hayya Card Apk provides entry to Fifa world Cup Qatar for international ticket holders. Football world cup going to start for 21 November in Qatar and the final be on 18 December. During this session 64 marches will be played in Qatar. On this special event Qatar has introduced Hayya Card. It is also known as Fan card. And now Saudi Arabia has also permitted this Card.

Hayya Card Qatar

Hayya Card Qatar is also known as fan Card. It is introduces by the Government of Qatar. It Is a kind of document which is very important for the entry in the stadium. While having this card you are able to watch all the Fifa matches.  Now Saudi Arabia has also permitted this card for those who are going to participate Fifa World cup in Qatar.

Mostly World cup starts from June July but in Qatar the average weather condition in June, July is about 40 c to 50c which is too hot.  Due to very warming wheatear condition it is impossible to play football for 90 minutes. According to Qatar Government they will set Air condition Technology and maintain the temperature about to 23 c.

According to the Management of this Mega Event 1.5 million people will join this Event. There are about to 175000 Rooms for the Tourist. And eight Stadiums are prepared for this Event in Qatar. Each stadium is 43 miles away from one another. All the seven stadiums are fully prepared for the coming event While one on them is reconstruction process.

Hayya Card Saudi Arabia

The ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia welcomes all the card holders of the Haya Card for the #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022. According to new anyone can apply for hayya card by paying only 27 Dollars. It is started form 1st September. Saudi Arabia takes this step to support Qatar Fifa World cup 2022.this Year Qatar is Going to host this Mega event.

According to the news people having haya Card can also apply for special Visa in Saudi Arabia. And stay there in Saudi Arabia for 60 days. Having this visa you can visit Saudi Arabia many times during this 60 days duration. Millions of People will participate in this event.

Having this card user can visit Saudi Arabia Many times. The visiting period will be 60 days. You can visit many times in this validation Time.

What is Hayya Card Apk

Hayya Card Apk is an application developed for the participants of #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022.  This app is available in Google play store you can download it form the given link in the download button. This application will help you to buy and payments of the Card for FIFA World cup mega event. You can download the application from the app store.

Just login to the Google Play store and download the application. you can also download it form the download button it will refer you to the official site. You can also see the feedback of the users. If you are interested in FIFA World Cup 2022 you should download the application and confirm your registration now.

Features of Hayya Card Apk.

This Card will allow you to enter in the football ground. Tickets are also necessary to join the mega event. Except this football fans from different countries avail transportation services in Qatar through this Card. Here are some more features I have mention bellow.

  • Provide entry for the FIFA world Cup 2022 in Qatar.
  • Having this Card you can avail the Transportation service in Qatar.
  • Now Saudi Arabia is Also Offering Hayya Card to visit Saudi Arabia for FIFA Fans.
  • Its Cost Is only 27 Dollars, which is economically for all the Fans form different countries.
  • Hayya Card Application is Also Available in Google Play store.
  • Users can travel to Saudi Arabia for many times during the whole period of 60 days.

FAQs about Qatar Hayya Card.

What is Qatar Hayya Card?

Qatar Hayya Card is Also Known as Fan Card. It is inaugurated by the Government of Qatar to provide facilities for the participants of #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022. More ever this card is important to participate in any event of the FIFA world cup 2022. You also need match tickets and the Card both for the participation. Once you buy the Card it will be applicable for every match

Is Hayya Card necessary for #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022?

Yes it is important for the people who want to participate in FIFA World cup 2022 in Qatar. Without this Card you are unable to join the mega Event.

What are the Benefits of Qatar Hayya Card?

Having this card you can enter in the Stadium and also avail the Transport facility in Qatar during the Event. And also you can visit Saudi Arabia for many times in the mentioned period of time.

Is there any Dead line for Qatar Hayya Card?

No there is no any Dead line for the Card you can availed this offer till the final of the event.


Qatar Hayya Card apk is an application for android and IOS user where you can register yourself for the hayya Card. If you want to participate in the upcoming football Mega Event in Qatar download the application. I have mentioned all the information about the card which is important for you to know about. So read the article carefully before going to the FIFA world cup 2022. If you are facing any problem you can ask questions in the comment section.

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